How to Reduce Air Conditioning Costs This Summer: 8 Great Tips

Man controls ductless AC system using remote control

We’re all guilty of it; delaying the use of our air conditioning once hot temperatures hit so we can save on unnecessary expenses. Everyone wants to save money, so how can you lower your costs and keep your AC running? The following tips are some great ways to stay cool and help reduce air conditioning costs this summer.

1. Add Ductless AC units

Older AC systems might not be as efficient and could be using the phased out refrigerant R-22, which is harmful to the environment and is no longer in production. Ductless AC systems are excellent efficient options for places in your home where you spend a lot of time; like bedrooms, the kitchen, living room and other common spaces. It allows you to control the temperature in specific rooms rather than one set temperature for the whole home. An added bonus is that you can install a Ductless AC system in one day!

2. Get an AC System Tune-up

Sila’s comprehensive 15-point tune-up of your AC system is an effective way to help reduce air conditioning costs. We make sure your unit is running as efficiently as possible including replacing the standard 1” filter which allows your system to produce cooler air with less energy. Your technician will also be able to fix a small concern now that could become a bigger expense in the future if left undetected.

3. Install programmable or smart thermostats

There’s no need to keep your AC running on full blast all day long when you’re out of the house. You can save money by using a smart thermostat to regulate your home’s temperature by setting your thermostat to raise the temperature during the time you are most likely to be out. A programmable thermostat can automatically detect when you are not home and will adjust temperatures rather than you manually setting them.

4. Keep cooler with fans

While fans won’t noticeably reduce the temperature in your home, they can help you feel cooler by providing a breeze and increasing the air circulation of your AC system to help create an even temperature.

5. Plant some trees

Larger trees can shade your home and block the heat caused by direct sunlight.

6. Close your blinds

Leaving your blinds open where the sun directly shines through can be a massive source of heat and competes with the efficiency of your AC system. Make sure you use light-colored blinds which can reduce the heat from the sun by almost 45%.

7. Use LED light bulbs

Not only do LED light bulbs have a longer lifespan but they are more energy efficient and they give off less heat than a normal light bulb. Incandescent bulbs can be as hot as 335°F while an LED bulb reaches only 87°F. Try slowly replacing the bulbs in your home with LEDs and you’ll notice a difference.

8. Cook outdoors

Take advantage of the summer months by firing up the grill rather than turning your hot stove on. Cooking outside uses less energy and keeps your home cool!

Let us know how these tips work for you! Contact us to schedule a tune-up or to learn more about how we can help improve your home’s AC system this summer.

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