Four Easy Ways to Control Home Humidity

Woman adjusting dehumidifier in her living room

Summer months in the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states can be uncomfortably hot and humid. High humidity can cause mold growth and other structural damage to your home. You may see condensation on your windows, mold spots, damp walls or water stains, or even detect a musty smell when the inside humidity level is too high. However, eliminating all humidity is also bad for your home and health. The ideal humidity level is between 30-50%.

Four easy ways to control home humidity:

1. Turn on your air conditioning

Even if the temperatures outside aren’t too high, turning on your AC can help with humidity in your home. The refrigerant inside your air conditioning unit absorbs the heat and moisture before blowing cool air back into your home. If your AC unit still uses phased-out R-22, which is harmful to the environment, you should consider upgrading to a more energy efficient system.

2. Utilize dehumidifiers

When you notice signs of excess humidity in your home you can use a dehumidifier to pull the moisture out of the air. The best place for a stand alone dehumidifier is in a basement or bathroom with closed doors and windows. For proper ventilation, place it away from walls and other furniture. An even better option is to install a whole-home dehumidifier that works in tandem with a central air system to help balance the humidity in your home.

3. Turn on your kitchen and bathroom fans

When cooking on the stove-top or taking a shower use the ventilation fans to help decrease condensation in your kitchen and bathrooms.

4. Fix and seal any air leaks

If you have any air leaks you may have excess moisture sneaking into your home. Common places for air leaks are doors, windows, attic/basement hatches, or electrical outlets.

If you are experiencing humidity problems in your home, schedule a consultation with a Sila expert. With over 30 years of home comfort experience we guarantee satisfaction and are proud to have earned over 7,000 “A” ratings on Angie’s List and its prestigious Super Service Award year after year.

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